Eat Nathan’s Hot Dog

Dare to go to Coney Island and enjoy an Historic Nathan’s Hot Dog with an ice cold beer. Nathan’s is an iconic eating institution straight out of Coney Island history that has been serving up famous frankfurters since 1916! THIS YEAR IS THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY!  Hot Dogs is an all-American amusement park food and The Nathan’s Dog Hut will not leave you hungry.  🙂



Tea Matcha

matchaThe Tea Matcha is a particular Japanese tea, unlike the other tea because is dissolved in water. Has many properties, it is an antioxidant and contains a lot of vitamins. You can drink it as a tea or with milk, but it can also be used to prepare sweet and savory dishes, in short, a real cure. The process for the preparation is very simple, if you want to follow the Japanese technique, you will need:

• a call bowl chawan

• a teaspoon of bamboo, the chashaku

• the chasen, a special bamboo whisk, with which slam the matcha powder.

If you do not have these tools, you can just use a teaspoon to dispense the matcha and throw. Put a teaspoon of matcha powder in a cup, add hot water , a nd beat the tea with a spoon making movements , to create a foam. If you prefer to prepare matcha milk, just dissolve the tea as little water and then add the milk, preferably almond.

And the tea is ready to be drunk 🙂

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